Tuesday, October 24, 2017

My Own/chosen Kowhaiwhai

My Own Chosen Pattern for my Kowhaiwhai art is

My Traditional Kowhaiwhai


Last term we started doing some Kowhaiwhai patterns (Maori Patterns) with Miss Taylor. We had to pick which patterns we liked, the patterns were KORU, PUHORO, KOWHAI NGUTUKAKA, PATIKI, RAURU, NGUTU KAKA, MANGOPARE, NGARU, and KOIRI. But the pattern that I chose for my Kowhaiwhai pattern is the KOWHAI NGUTUKAKA pattern, it  represents the flowers of the Kaka beak plant (Clianthus). I chose this pattern because it looks cool and easy to draw, I also like it beacause the Kaka beak plant looks pretty. 

Traditional Kowhaiwhai

                            Traditional Kowhaiwhai

Traditional Kowhaiwhai Usually mean something and the Ngatukaka or Marama means    the Kaka bird beak or moon. 
Some traditional Kowhaiwhai are over five-hundred years old and the oldest one in history are on paddles for canoes or Maori waka. Most Kowhaiwhai are in red, white ,and black           every color represents something.Red represents warth, blood, and life
 white represents purity, promise for the future, an awakening black represents earth.           Image result for traditional kowhaiwhai patterns     Image result for kowhaiwhai patterns     Image result for  kowhaiwhai patterns  Image result for traditional kowhaiwhai patterns     Image result for kowhaiwhai patterns     Image result for  kowhaiwhai patterns

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

                                      Weekly quiz

 Weekly quiz today had weird questions because they were all questions about thing going on in      New Zealand.  
One question I remember was...   
The Auckland Council has issued a warning 
 that the Waitakere ranges are facing the 
 extinction of all...

a) kiwi

b) kauri trees

c) tuatara

 Obviously my team Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  knew that answer  because we're awesome 
anyway for for percentage wise 50 % ,which ment that we got ten right and ten wrong which is annoying. Another question we got right was...

Which New Zealand city is to become New Zealand's first bilingual city ?

a) Whangarei  

b) New Plymouth

c) Rotorua

today we did kowhaiwhai patterns for my good copy i decided to the rauru pattern. rauru pattern is just two lines and then a big line with arrows in the middle. the next step is painting them red and black and then there is a top thing and then u paint it what ever color u want miss Taylor done it her self and for the top she done it light blue and dark blue

Weekly Quiz

After morning tea we did the weekly quiz with Miss Taylor. We had to group up with the people in your table, my group was with Brieze and Olivia we are called Savage Purple Pegasus. our name was suppose to be Savage Purple Pegasus 101 but Miss Taylor said it was too long. We get 10 minutes to do it we can also get our chrome books and search up the question we don't know. We searched up mostly every question because we have no idea what the answer was. The score we've got was 14 out of 20, next time we will watch the news and get 20 out of 20.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Fitness Just Dance

For Fitness today we did Just Dance, Just Dance is a game where you follow the dances they do. But today we just did it on You Tube and follow the dance but we din't play the game because it was just a video of someone who is playing the game.
The songs that we did are Eye of the Tiger and Ghostbusters. It was really doing this, it's my first time doing just dance at school. I say you give it a go.
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